Academia is not helping

For some reason I could not post a comment on this page (and why is that to be done through Facebook??)…

The Study of Peace and Conflict: in Need of (Intellectual) Insurgency?

so I’ll post it here.

Peace is much more than a question for scholars and academia. That’s a small world and peace is potentially enormous, encompassing, among other things, musical aspects.

The article above writes about the dichotomy of emphasizing peace vs. war in academic discourse. What it does not address, understandably but regrettably, is the dichotomy between academic and non-academic ways of thinking, square and extraordinary approaches to peace.

Our world has this almost anal fear of venturing outside the fence of academia. Sure, something of value MIGHT be found outside, in the cold… But why take the risk, why bother, when we have all these certified scholars and professors?

Let’s play it safe, so the world seems to reason.

Which means, let’s play it COMFY. It surely is possible to appraise the quality and potential value of non-academic ideas – obviously “non-academic” does not mean “valuable” — but it takes longer time. It’s SO much easier to just check if the ideas meet the usual academic criteria, and dump them if they don’t.

This checking can nowadays be done with algorithms and AI — which takes away the burden of thought, and gives us more time to play golf.

Think inside the square.

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