If you don’t want weeds, don’t water the (war) seeds

It can be daunting perhaps to follow my reasoning and my “peace map” building. But from a birds eye’s view there are simple things we can do. We can ask ourselves

“Water or not water?”

I am talking about the war seeds, the impulses that draw and attract us to conflict, confrontation and quarrel.

In heavier forms against direct violence, and war.

A simple but not easy (and very important) choice:  Shall  I water my war seeds, or not?

Introspection is part of the process. Trying to see clearly what is happening, where I put my energy.

If I imagine myself to be a peace-worker while furiously shouting angry slogans at peace demonstrations, something is amiss. I might work for peace (Venus), but my way of doing it is violent and Martian.

The means will color the goal, which will not be peaceful anymore.  A paradoxical, dissonant note is in the picture.

So don’t hate hate. That’s like trying to put out a forest fire with fire. The fire will just spread.

And don’t water the war seeds. That’s like watering and saying nice words to weeds.

Try to keep your garden clean and realize that YOU are probably the most important tree in your garden.

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