A musical map of peace, part 7

Time to wrap things up. No need to go into all kinds of details, there will be time for chiseling and polishing later.

Summing it up:

  1. There are two “halves” to the map, a left side and a right side. Two keywords for Left and Right: Conflict and Concord.
  2. In the outer corners, war in bloom and peace in bloom.
  3. The left side is much more known, explored and experienced than the right. We know a lot about war, competition and conflict but what does “peace in bloom” mean…?
  4. In the center, a neutral pair of “twins”: Agon/ and Concert.
  5. From this center we move into antagonism and violence towards the left, into consonance, music and friendly concord towards the right.
  6. The right half needs much study and thought. In music we are just as familiar with consonance as with dissonance: in general everyday life consonance and harmony are not well understood.
  7. In a way, war is also not well understood, if you allow for intermediate stages like “crypto-war” and “war-seeds”. (All of this is about the left side.)
  8. We are used to define peace with strong elements of war present. (Power of balance = weapon based peace.) Let us now define it with elements of music.

These are the parts of the map:

CENTER: Agon/Concert

LEFT SIDE: War in bloom – Agony – Antagonism-

RIGHT SIDE: Musica subliminalis (mirroring, bonding, entrainment)- Musica instrumentalis (music making)- Musica humana (harmonious living in everyday life)- Peace in bloom

As you can see the left side is immediately understandable even by a small child, while the right side needs much explanation and clarification.

My understanding is that we know so much more about “left” than “right” = are better at quarreling than listening, competing than cooperating, disagreeing than finding common harmony, hanging out in the War room than in the Peace room.

Phew, I now the declare the map finished, at least ready enough to be used.

What follows from now on will be clarifications in practical contexts. The adventure continues in the same galaxy, but in a more musical key hopefully…

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