Merry preppers, unite!

I just learned a for me new word: prepper. And it reminds me of, of all non-people, Gladstone Gander  (Alexander Lukas).

Let’s hear what Wikimama has to say about preppers. Note my underlining.

“Survivalism is a movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers) who are actively preparing for emergencies, including possible disruptions in social or political order, on scales from local to international. The words prepper and prep are derived from the word prepare.”

But why Gladstone, this lazy and infuriatingly lucky goose? Because when he finds money on the street, typically a big note (a hundred dollar note or so) he says “Typical!”.  He is a lucky guy.

We less lucky folks say “typical” when we LOSE money. One could say we are less optimistic than Gladstone, but the situation is much more interesting than so: — If “prepper” comes from prepare, what do preppers prepare for? Well, disaster, of course. Emergencies, disruptions, the bad, the worst.

That can be a wise thing — sometimes.

But there’s another thing to consider. What said the epitaph on the grave of the hypochondriac?

“I told you I was sick!”

Funny and revealing. It shows how we humans love to be right. It matters not so much what we are right about, only THAT we are.

I suspect some members of sects and religions that predicted the end of the world would have personally detonated the Big Final Bomb themselves if they could — when their prediction didn’t come true. Rather kill all, than live with the shame of BEING WRONG!!!

I wonder how much these preppers court disaster themselves, imagining it, dreaming about it, almost longing for it…. I mean, if it doesn’t come, and come soon, all their prep was in vain, for naught.

We could introduce a term here: self-prepared disaster. A variant of self-fulfilling prophecy.

The attitude of The Venusian Peace project is of course the the opposite.

You eat what you prepare!

We say: Prepare for what you want not what you don’t want. If you prepare meat-balls, don’t expect strawberry pie for dinner. Meat-balls it will be.

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