Peace and love seeds

Gather round everybody. A sermon is coming on.

I just realized that I have talked and written a lot about war seeds, the impulse in our heart towards conflict, fighting and polarization.

Yes, I think it is important to see that war and battle is not just something outside us. However, in pointing that out one could say that I myself have committed the “sin” of finger-pointing (which I claim to be a main part of war).

So what then? Let me also talk about the Dos and not just the Don’ts. Love seeds, peace seeds, where do we find them, how to water them? How to ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive?

Water me

I feel like I should come up with a list of “positives”, things to read, see, eat, do and hear that nurtures our peace and love seeds. I admit that much effort and concentration has been directed towards the left (war) side.

So this is what comes to me in this moment. Generally, search love seeds in the analog world. And put a good distance between you and media. The digital sphere, mass media and social media sometimes seems like a monster that eats our time, attention and souls.

So log out and look up at the sky. Even on a cloudy day it is grander than Facebook or email.

I would also like to recommend something to read, and that’s a tricky one. Because books, writing, is anchored in words, and words move in a dualistic domain. There is always an opposite for a word. Bad versus good, big and small, beautiful and ugly, young and old. There are books that go beyond this mirror-image, opposites attract and repel mode. but they must we found. They might not be what we think they are.

Generally I feel that writing that truly waters our peace seeds should have no thorns. That doesn’t mean “nice”, feel-good writing without dissonance, but accusation and blame should be absent.

It is perfectly possible to tell somebody they are acting like an idiot while truly loving them. Possible, but not easy. A small art, actually, that we can try to practice in our communications. Because we need both parts, the honest, true thought, and the kind, loving concern. When these marry we have sweet (not saccharine) music.

Talking of music, what said Shakespeare? Music is the food of love. Music waters our love and peace seeds. Listen to music and try to recognize the thorns. There is music that embraces you, hugs you and calls you “darling”. Try to find that music, and stick with it. At least don’t neglect it. That would make you a poor gardener.

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