Where are the instruments of peace?

A friend says, apropos the difficulties peace has with the competition (war).

“It’s all about instruments.

You see, everything becomes easier when there are instruments for the job, when things are easy to visualize.

With war all this is taken care of, but not with peace. You hear the word, you see the picture in your mind. That helps.

The instruments of war are well known, often visually attractive, crafted to please even the aesthetic among us.”

“And admit it — even if you are a peacenik there is a certain magic in holding a beautiful knife or revolver in your hand.

You can sense that it speaks to your centripetal instincts.  It focuses power. The tip of the knife, the muzzle of the gun stands for focus,  aim. Those things are philosophically important as well.

So you see that what you call the “competition” has the instruments. Peace hasn’t.”

Oh yeah? I reply. Watch this.

These instruments of peace are not shooting anything or anyone. They are diffusing, sharing, filling the atmosphere with vibrations.

Or look at this angelic “army” of Ondes Martenot players. They sure have instruments.

And let’s not forget the most basic instrument of all. Again, easy to visualize.

Some instruments of war, like shotguns and cluster bombs,  also do not focus. Instead they diffuse and spread their deadly content over large areas.

Musical instruments spread life-giving matter over large areas.

So next time you think of “peace”, think this:

Or this:

The instruments of peace are all around us. We just have to look in the right direction.

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