The peace divide

If I hear one more word about the “digital divide” I will throw up. People hiding behind the mask of caring, humanity and even philanthropy, while often just wanting more customers, turning people even more into consumers of digital stuff, sicken me.

Nobody mentions that perhaps, just perhaps, some folks might not WANT to go digital! That they might want to remain analog, “stay behind” as some call it, but actually — seen from a better viewpoint  — move forward, towards veritable reality.

Anyway. I want to introduce another “divide”, namely the peace divideMore precisely this is a divide between the peace domain and the war domain.

We talk about the military-industrial complex, but have you ever heard about the paxological-industrial complex? (Pathological is something else.) I didn’t think so.

It doesn’t exist because 1) peace is not industrial (which is not necessarily a good thing) and 2) peace people seem content to be blue-eyed idealists, going trough the motions and basically accepting that the high level of efficiency, strategic planning and mobilizing of all possible resources (think of the enormous effort connected with the creation of the atomic bomb in the Manhattan project) is not for them.

No, peace is fuzzy and has a lot more in common with Ferdinand the Bull than with precise missile steering.

This creates a divide, not like the “digital divide” but a divide between the spheres of peace and war. And war wins. As it was wisely (and funnily) said in Spaceballs: Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.

We’ll see about always, and we will see about dumb.

But presently there’s much truth in this seemingly cynical pronouncement. Let’s not be dumb. Let’s be just as smart and savvy as the military, only not with the goal of Win but the goal of Winwin. Let’s close the divide and see if good (now smartened up) can triumph for a change.

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