Welcome to Prepare for Peace, one third of the Venusian Peace Project.

The subject here is obviously peace, but not in an obvious way. When we say the word “peace” certain associations pop up, but they are not very relevant here.

Venusian peace is a different animal. Fortunately. Because the usual kind of peace is neither very interesting, enjoyable, or even peaceful. Some think of balance of power as peace, while weapon-based peace does not strike us as being peaceful.

Venus does.

That’s why this is called the Venusian Peace Project.

If the word “peace” is a container, we suggest that the content be harmony, art, music, balance, beauty and love.

Those Venusian qualities makes peace capable of withstanding and balancing the competition, which is war and foremost crypto-war (= milder forms of war-related activities like debates, tournaments, contests, action movies, computer games, and generally most things built on the win-lose model. As in the motto for the movie The Highlander: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.)

What is today called peace we call proto-peace — not yet real peace.

Venusian peace is peace in bloom.

Alfred Stevens Portrait d'une jeune femme

Here is a video presentation:

Ladislaus Horatius

[The painting: Portrait d’une jeune femme by Alfred Stevens]

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