Why Venus?

People ask me about this project: What’s with Venus…?

They look a bit suspiciously at me, as if I wasn’t reliable, just making up fantasies about peace. Or maybe they think it’s some kind of science-fiction fairy-tale.

Others ask:  “Are you a real Venusian?” (No comment.)

So I guess I should address these doubts and this suspicion. Why DID I bring Venus into the picture, what’s Venus got to do with peace?

First question first.

I brought Venus, or rather Venusian qualities and concepts (harmony, beauty, love, music, balance, art, etc.) into the picture because, as I see it, peace is a rather empty word. It is like an almost empty handbag. It looks great and wonderful from the outside, but there’s not much in it.

Many people say that peace is / should be more than absence of war — i.e. something negative — but I lack a clear picture of WHAT MORE.

What more should peace mean, what should we fill our handbag with?

My suggestion: Venusian qualities. Partly because they are the counterweight to war (Mars is the bringer of war, Venus of peace), and partly because the Venusian qualities are not just lofty (as many ideas of peace are) but also enjoyable.

I see it as very important that peace should be both active and enjoyable if it is to compete with  the warlike energies in our world.

War is certainly active, well-financed, well organised, done with (sometimes devilish) intelligence.

Enjoyable it isn’t, in the sense that nobody wants to be shot at or bombed. However, if we look at the bigger picture, all the different activities pertaining to war and violence (movies, books, plays. computer games, constant mass media coverage of conflicts, killings, etc.) receive much more attention and interest than activities of peace.

I sometimes write on Medium.com. When you launch a text there you add keywords and can see how many people have subscribed to that subject.

Peace: 4k.
War: 7k

Or let’s search Google.

Peace, around 907 000 000 hits.
War , around 2 140 000 000 hits. 

So war wins! Definitely our interest if not our hearts.  (And what gets our interest gets our energies.)

You might call this anecdotal; I see it as a clear sign of where our attention and energy go.

Peace as an absence  — in spite of the well meaning intention that peace should be more than something negative,  peace is still often defined as “Freedom from disturbance, cessation of war or violence” — just isn’t very interesting. War, in spite of its horrible aspects, catches our hearts and minds much more easily.

Second question: What’s Venus got to do with peace?

Far too little! That’s why I am launching this project, to bring them nearer to each other…
So that they can fecundate and pollinate each other. Often. Sure, we can have peace festivals and events of different kinds, but peace needs to be part of everyday life, not just a holiday or feast day.

Bringing Venus into the picture is also a way to try to balance the global tendency of solving problems with violence.

“If we have enough weapons on both sides nobody will dare to shoot first…”

This is called “balance of power”, but has very little to do with Venusian balance.

This weapon-based, almost war-based thinking is very primitive. The impulse is still to kill, dominate, oppress, but we stop ourselves… by rearmament! It is as if Dr Jekyll tried to be a moral and honest man by turning more TOWARDS, not away from, Mr Hyde.

I hope you can see the paradox in this kind of weapon-based peace. My suggestion is: let’s upgrade to something better, something truly peaceful.

If we want peace Venus is our planet. Not Mars.

Building a peace map


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